about bm.

What is Bobbi Marbles?

Bobbi Marbles  sells original screenprinted clothing, accessories, paper goods, and art.  the aesthetic of Bobbi Marbles is inspired by cats, many different forms of art + music, cartoons, graffiti, and comfort.  Each design is created from start to finish with love and silliness.  Our hope is that the person who buys from us will truly enjoy our products and feel happy every time they wear and see them.


about the people behind bobbi marbles.

Karl Deuble and Belinda Garley started Bobbi Marbles when they decided that they were ready to make and share cool, unique, and wearable art.  The two met while in high school in Belen, New Mexico, and have been a couple since 2003.  Years ago, while both Karl and Belinda were in school at the University of New Mexico (he studied Fine Arts, she studied Psychology), Karl’s homemade screenprinted shirts were starting to get some attention.  Any time Karl or Belinda (and various friends and family) wore one, people would ask where they could get a shirt for themselves.

After they received their degrees, Karl went to work for a screenprinting shop, and Belinda went to work in the financial division of UNM.  In a way, they both got to master their prospective skills, but it wasn’t benefiting their personal interests.

On a warm summer evening, while sipping beer and complaining about their jobs, they decided to launch Bobbi Marbles.  They wanted a name that was a little weird, but was special and personal to them both.  Bobbi Marbles Garley-Deuble is the name of their beloved first cat, so they decided naming their business after her was totally fitting.  After all, cats and art are near the very top of both Karl and Belinda’s interests.

Karl’s artwork is a little bit creepy, twisted, and comedic.  He sketches all the designs first, then screenprints his original designs onto comfortable shirts.  Belinda keeps track of inventory, financials, online presence, and is the designated “sticker cutter”.  Together, Karl and Belinda make an excellent team, and are constantly taking in new inspiration for new designs and product.


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