august planning.

whoa whoa whoa.  how is it possible that we are already this deep into summer?  not to sound like an old fogey but, where is the time going?  we blink for one second and it’s already the end of august, jeez…

i hate to drop off the face of the earth, but i also find it hard to post about what’s going on when there’s not exactly much to show for it.  i mean, we already have several of those posts, oops.  but k and i ARE working!  the wheels are always turning.  we’re preparing to set up an online shop, new products are being designed, and craft fairs are on the horizon, as usual.

we finally got some professional business cards. "because we want to win some lunches!"

we finally got some professional business cards. “because we want to win some lunches!”

we are also planning for…dun dun DUUUN…the holidays!  yes, after two years, we have learned that sooner is better when it comes to holiday planning.  to anyone else involved in our type of business, this is really no surprise.  and in fact, august is not even particularly early, as far as getting the holiday prep started.  but k and i are constantly learning as we go, and we’ve learned that starting holiday prep in the fall is ok, but summer (and maybe even earlier) is better.  because one day…ONE DAY…it would be nice if we weren’t completely scrambling at the last minute, leading up to holiday craft fairs.

this is some font we've been practicing and playing around with for potential new cards.

this is some font we’ve been practicing and playing around with for potential new cards.

and really, when it comes down to it, it’s so that we can give our customers more of a variety of product.  the more prepared we are, the more we can have for you all to peruse and purchase when the holidays come around.  (bobbi marbles calendars, greeting cards, and sweaters, anyone?)

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bobbi marbles is birthed.

while the idea behind bobbi marbles is not new to us (k+b), we tend to be quite…ahem…lazy at getting our ideas off the ground.  so years later, we are here at a crossroads; decidedly fed up with working for other people at jobs that don’t fulfill us, we’re more than ready to do what we love, instead.

you know all those sayings, “follow your dreams”, “life is what you make it”, etc.?  we’re firm believers in all those cliched sayings!  and our idea, all those years ago, was to make art and clothing that people would enjoy.  to spend time and effort on something we’re proud of, and to share it with anyone who was interested.  to just try it, and see where it leads us.

so we’ve decided to launch bobbi marbles.  for now, it is a brand that sells handprinted t-shirts, made with environmentally friendly materials.  we plan to launch other handprinted clothing items, as well as accessories.  but first thing first.  see, we’re realizing that the key to turning ideas into realities is to just start.