what we’re into wednesdays: podcasts

i’ts a little late on a wednesday, and it’s a little late in the year since our last blog post.

oh well, onward.

k and i prefer to listen to something while we work.  our home is very rarely silent, and if it is, it’s most likely because we both have headphones on.  but sometimes, listening to music is not going to cut it.  whether it’s because we just don’t feel like figuring out what we’re in the mood for, or the shuffle option on our various devices are playing all the wrong things, we turn to something else: podcasts!

more specifically, comedy podcasts.  several years ago, k and i discovered that there was a plethora of entertaining, easily accessible, and FREE content out there.  who knew?  well apparently, now we knew.

k's self portrait of what he looks like while he's working.  the headphones are for music and PODCASTS!

k’s self portrait of what he looks like while he’s working. the headphones are for music and PODCASTS!

we’ve delved into the more “serious” fare of podcasts like this american life, and yes i have even downloaded a few about knitting. (what?  i’m a MODERN 28 year old grandma.)  but comedy podcasts can get us out of a horrible work related funk, and make a long boring drive both awesome and extremely dangerous because i am laughing so hard i start crying on the freeway.

here’s a list of a few of our favorites:

comedy bang! bang! (formerly comedy death ray)
u talkin’ u2 to me?
cashing in with tj miller
the pod f tompkast
call chelsea peretti
who charted?
how did this get made?
mike and tom eat snacks
professor blastoff!
doug loves movies
and basically everything else on the earwolf podcast network

there are more we listen to or have listened to, but i think you get the idea.  we like the absurd and the hilarious, as you can read from our previous post about us liking cartoons.  if you have never listened to a comedy podcast, the list above is a good start of what to listen to, and we highly recommend you get started right away.  and if you do listen to comedy podcasts like comedy bang! bang!, then we already know that you like to “womp it up”, and that “plugs” is your favorite part of the show.

please let us know if there is any other podcast (comedy or not) that you think we should know about!