ACE re-cap


i just loved this sign, it made me smile.

well, everyone, bobbi marbles has her very first albuquerque comic expo behind her. it has been four days since ace ended, and k and i still have a bit of a “hangover” from it. don’t get me wrong, by now we have both caught up on our sleep, have started eating normally again, and we’ve even had some down time to lounge and watch a few movies. (while i iced my carpal tunnel-y wrist. ouch.)

no, the “hangover” we still feel is referring to the feeling after the nagging stress of getting 1000 tasks completed in a very short time period. i can’t help but think, “wait, i have time to clean the house? what bm task am i neglecting? there has to be something i’m forgetting, if i have time to clean the house…”

yes, it was an intense whirlwind, the weeks we spent preparing for ace. but it was all well worth it, because the three days of ace that we spent selling, hustling, and talking with lots of really cool people was just so much fun! there’s really nothing like seeing people stop in their tracks so they can get a closer look at our items, then fork over their hard-earned cash to buy something that we’ve put so much work and love into. it is such an incredible feeling.


our humble table at artist’s alley. i’m convinced k can never take a serious photo.

we genuinely want to thank everyone who stopped by, shopped, chatted with us, and even just cracked a smile or laughed as they looked at k’s designs, when they walked past the table.

i have to say that, even when k and i were just sitting there at our table, when things were slow, we were far from bored! there was some incredibly detailed and well thought-out cosplay going on. and as a self-described voyeur + eavesdropper, i got a kick out of hearing a lot of excited and geeked-out conversations happening. i felt right at home, among so many others who weren’t ashamed to get publicly excited about something they like, something usually considered “nerdy”.

on one last note, i just wanted to say how smoothly everything went for us at the convention center. the staff and volunteers for ace were so great, and they helped make ace an even more enjoyable first time experience for us. so a big thank you also goes out to all those fine people!

we walked away with a lot of great feedback, encouragement, and new ideas, so we will definitely see you again next year, ace!