what we’re into wednesdays – cartoons!

sorry to give you nightmares, but this is "candy wife" from the marvelous misadventures of flapjack.

sorry to give you nightmares, but this is “candy wife” from the marvelous misadventures of flapjack.

looking at a lot of the bobbi marbles’ character designs, it should come as no surprise the k and i like cartoons.  there are countless saturday morning cartoons we watched when we were growing up, but this post is about the current cartoons we like now.  we are both in our late twenties, so i should probably be more than a little embarrassed to admit how many cartoons k and i tend to watch.  alas, i am not embarrassed.  i am proud of our vast cartoon dork-dom.

just to give a peek into the types of cartoons we watch, i can tell you that we dvr all new episodes of adventure time, bob’s burgers, the simpsons, and futurama, and we own the marvelous misadventures adventures of flapjack on dvd.  we speak and joke in quotes from our favorite cartoons all the time, and in fact a few years ago, i dressed up as leela from futurama for halloween.

yet, these are just a few of the cartoons we watch regularly; i wanted to share the ones i feel give an overall tone to what kind of humor and animation k and i gravitate towards.  in my opinion, all of the previously named cartoons tend to be a little twisted, a little dark, and always weirdly funny.  if at one point or another while watching a cartoon i don’t say, “what the hell?!” and laugh out loud, then it’s probably not something i watch on a regular basis.

one reason i wanted to write about how k and i are into cartoons is because k is often told that the characters he draws, paints and prints remind people of one of the aforementioned cartoons.  “do you watch invader zim?” and “have you seen that show adventure time?” are almost always asked when we do craft fairs.  the truth is, k’s cartoon characters have evolved over time, but they’ve always retained a warped air about them.  in the past i have affectionately referred to his art as “ugly art”, only because it is unusual and not exactly what one would call “pretty”.  his characters (and consequently the bobbi marbles designs) are not exactly cute and cuddly, but that’s what i love about them.

the belcher’s from bob’s burgers and the simpsons are far from perfect american families; fry from futurama is dimwitted and his best friend is a drinking, cursing robot; adventure time is set in a dystopian future; peppermint larry in flapjack has a candy wife that is borderline terrifying. i think it’s safe to say that k and i are drawn to the strange when it comes to cartoons.  and without getting too deep or cheesy, we’re into these cartoons because while they’re a little bit odd, they also have a pretty good sense of humor.  just like k’s art, just like bobbi marbles, and just like us.