’tis the season…

do you feel that?  summer is finally here.  or rather, as we like to say in honor of howard kremer, “summah” is finally here!  (we listen to his podcast “who charted!” all the time, he’s a very funny comedian.  as a matter of fact, HERE, a link to his website.  enjoy.)

anywho, we want to thank everyone for all their support since we launched our etsy store (etsy.com/shop/bobbimarbles).  since then, k has been working on some new designs, and making lots of art.  i am looking into how i can add my own special touch to our products.  (knitting and embroidery, anyone?)

we just got back from a  weekend visit with some of our most favorite people in chandler, az.  we laughed, we swam, we watched some yo gabba gabba!, and we made a much needed trip to mecca (aka ikea).  all in all, k and i had a great first summah road trip, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season.

as a special “successful first week of summah” post, here are a few outtakes from the bobbi marbles photo shoot we had last month with the talented john salazar and lovely karie morgan (also, check out k, he’s the long-haired beard-y model).  these photos were just too good not to share, even if we didn’t use them on etsy.  thanks again and forever to john and karie, and thanks to you for being interested in our little bobbi marbles world.


[credit for all photos goes to jds]


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