fall octofair success!

our am set up. notice k’s friendly greeting?

welp, it was another beautiful fall day.  isn’t it nice when the weather is still warm enough to take a stroll without cocooning oneself within layer upon layer of sweaters, flannel, scarves, and gloves?  i, for one, am soaking up every last warm fall day before it’s too late.

incidentally, today was the perfect weather for the octopus and the fox’s  fall octofair.  we had our very own table set-up this time around, and it was nice to sell some of our handmade stuff to a bunch of lovely people.  k got some new drawings done, and i made headway into a new scarf i’ve been knitting.

by the time the octofair ended, the sun was warming our backs, and that incredibly wonderful sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet greeted us as we packed up our belongings.

after today we will be preparing for our next big thing, the annual asunm craft fair, set for november 28th-30th at the unm student union building.  we just got some new shirts in, just itching to be printed with new bobbi marbles designs, and we’re really excited to show them to you all!  as always, please check out our etsy store, and follow us on instagram, at bobbimarbles.

but right now.  it’s time for some pumpkin spiced chai and a mini “wilfred” marathon.



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