one year later.

this time of year brings about chilly weather, twinkling lights, plus the scent of warm sugar and cinnamon wafting through the air.  while fall is our favorite, winter and the holiday season is a close second.

this time of year also brings about a milestone for us at bobbi marbles.  last week we participated in the 49th annual asunm craft fair, which means it has been one year since we started selling our shirts and prints publicly at the 48th fair.  it feels good to hit this milestone, and passing the one year mark also seems to invigorate us.  we’ve had so many ideas this year, and only completed a fraction of them.  so, in this next year, we want to accomplish twice as much as we did in the first.  that means more of a variety of product, more craft fairs, more of an internet presence, and all in all just more productivity.

k and i have been best friends since high school, and in february we will have been officially together for a decade.  that’s more than a third of our lives spent with each other.  in all that time, k has been making art and music, while i have been organizing and keeping track of all the “official” and boring stuff.  we work well together.  in this next year we want to work even harder at getting this little ol’ printing business off the ground.

happy holidays!


teenage b + k, new years eve 2002.

teenage b + k, new years eve 2002.


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