stranger factory x cotton candy machine.

it never ceases to please me when i get to share some excellent news about karl and some new opportunity he gets.  today’s news is about his participation in an excellent new art exhibition.  for the last several months, he has been tirelessly working a new pieces for the collaborative crossover exhibition at both stranger factory in albuquerque and cotton candy machine in brooklyn.


now, after all the time and hard work he’s put into his pieces, the opening is here!  karl has three paintings and a limited run of t-shirts at each gallery, and they will be hanging up among many other incredibly talented artists’ work.  the exhibition will be up at both stranger factory and cotton candy machine from july 11th to august 3rd (cotton candy machine will have it up until august 10th).


this is what karl has been up to for the past three months…painting for sfxccm with headphones on, while bobbi tries to be as annoying/adorable/in-the-way as possible.

the opening reception at both galleries is on july 11th from 7 to 11pm, local time. make sure you get a chance to check out all the cool art in person this month!



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