a quick update for a monday evening.

look at us, being all organized and productive with our neatly folded shirts.

look at us, being all organized and productive with our neatly folded shirts.

once again, i just wanted to give a quick update on what’s up on the bm front. (i hope you can get used to me using “bm” instead of “bobbi marbles”.  it makes me laugh.)  the spring octofair was a great success!  it seems to get bigger and better every time, and this was definitely the best yet.  i’ll admit, i didn’t know what to expect with the slight location change and the fact that the octofair would be held on mother’s day,  but we were busy, busy, busy all day!  we got to talk to a lot of cool people, and when we had time, we were able to check out all the other amazing vendors.  in fact, i bought a gorgeous hand bound journal from shamuball, plus some heart-shaped turquoise earrings from chebeth. if you get a chance, check these ladies’ etsy stores out; they were so friendly, and their merchandise is as cool as can be.

 with the spring octofair behind us, k and i are focusing our efforts on ACE.  yes, ladies and gents, it is official; we will have a table set up at this year’s artist’s alley at the albuquerque comic expo from friday june, 21 – sunday june, 23!  i can’t even tell you how excited (and somewhat nervous?) i am that bobbi marbles will be participating at ace.  

 in the very short five weeks leading up to june 21st, we are going to be designing, printing, sewing, tagging, and basically just preparing for the expo as much as possible.  as touched upon briefly in our last post , k and i are constantly taking in all kinds of inspiration, which produce an abundance of ideas.  but we don’t always turn that inspiration and those ideas into a concrete object.  so these next five weeks are about focused work and dedication.  don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been totally lame about production lately.  we have a new shirt design that k has printed onto adult sized shirts, as well as on children’s sized shirts.  but that’s for another post. check out our facebook  and instagram feeds for more regularly updated bobbi marbles news and merchandise.

 ok!  so that “quick update” wasn’t exactly as brief as i had intended (sorry), but i think you can live with it, yeah?  thanks.  :)



inspiration vs. knowing where to start.

detail of “big things have small beginnings”, a commissioned painting by karl deuble.

i’ve been having a bit of writer’s block lately.  i’m just not sure what to share.  k said to not over think it, to just write about what’s going on.  seems simple, right?  but every time i start, i get a few sentences in and then i just get discouraged and stop.  i over think and over analyze everything (maybe that’s why i’ve always been drawn to studying the mind and psychology), which just makes me go mad and stops my productivity dead in my tracks.  k has learned, and has taught me, that you just have to keep pushing through.  when he feels stuck in a painting or a drawing, he just keeps on working on it until he’s happy with it.

which leads me to bobbi marbles.  k and i have so much inspiration right now, but we are having trouble figuring out where to start.  we’ve seen some amazing art, music, movies, and people lately, so it’s definitely all seeping into ideas as to what to do with bobbi marbles designs.  and while it is good that we have a lot of ideas, as opposed to being totally uninspired, without a clear plan on where to start, we’re working on getting unstuck.

the good news is that we have a potential deadline for a lot of new product!  we’ve applied to have a table at the Albuquerque Comic Expo’s Artist’s Alley, and we’re totally excited.  we can’t confirm if we will be selling there yet, but as of now we’re planning for have a lot of new product by mid-june (and preferably sooner).  k has been keeping busy with a lot of freelance work, including a large painting.  he titled it “big things have small beginnings” (shout out to prometheus, anyone?) and i thought that was a perfect concept behind bobbi marbles’ goals for this year.

we have a lot in store for you all.  promise.


easier said than done.

(putting our product on the line for you all…..ahh, puns.  gotta love ’em.)

today is leap day 2012.  really it’s just any other day, but I like to think of it as an opportunity.  an “extra” 24 hours to do whatever you like.  honestly, we all know that it’s just like any other day, and we really ought to live every day as an opportunity.  alas, in our previous post we noted that we tend to procrastinate a bit.  thus, why i am taking the last day of february, a leap day, to update anyone who’s interested on what we have been up to.  so here it goes:

we’ve been taking in lots of inspiration and thinking a lot about what direction we’re going in next?

yes, not much has been going on in the bm front.  but we do have some new pictures of our t-shirts on our facebook page!  that’s exciting, nuh?

while the last post was about getting started, i guess my mindset today is staying started.  in other words, continue to make progress.

we want this blog to not just be about what we like, what our products are like and where you can get them.  while that’s all fine, we also want to give an insight into our process, or mistakes, and our struggles, as well as our triumphs (along with the occasional funny cat video, perhaps).  and right now our struggle is sort of still the same as it was when we started: looking fear of failure in the face and slapping it around.  (you hear that??  we OWN you, fear.)

step by step we’re getting further along with getting our shirts out to the masses.  so by the next post the etsy store will be up and running an we’ll have some more information for all you patient, patient friends.

happy leap day!  do something CRAZY!