easier said than done.

(putting our product on the line for you all…..ahh, puns.  gotta love ’em.)

today is leap day 2012.  really it’s just any other day, but I like to think of it as an opportunity.  an “extra” 24 hours to do whatever you like.  honestly, we all know that it’s just like any other day, and we really ought to live every day as an opportunity.  alas, in our previous post we noted that we tend to procrastinate a bit.  thus, why i am taking the last day of february, a leap day, to update anyone who’s interested on what we have been up to.  so here it goes:

we’ve been taking in lots of inspiration and thinking a lot about what direction we’re going in next?

yes, not much has been going on in the bm front.  but we do have some new pictures of our t-shirts on our facebook page!  that’s exciting, nuh?

while the last post was about getting started, i guess my mindset today is staying started.  in other words, continue to make progress.

we want this blog to not just be about what we like, what our products are like and where you can get them.  while that’s all fine, we also want to give an insight into our process, or mistakes, and our struggles, as well as our triumphs (along with the occasional funny cat video, perhaps).  and right now our struggle is sort of still the same as it was when we started: looking fear of failure in the face and slapping it around.  (you hear that??  we OWN you, fear.)

step by step we’re getting further along with getting our shirts out to the masses.  so by the next post the etsy store will be up and running an we’ll have some more information for all you patient, patient friends.

happy leap day!  do something CRAZY!



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