we love stranger factory.

sometime last year, k was asked to come up with a design for an exclusive stranger factory t-shirt.  he has been working with the good people at stranger factory for well over a year, printing various jobs for them, and as mentioned in this post, he was invited to participate in their annual halloween-themed art exhibition.

after coming up with several designs, the owners narrowed down their choice to the “stink eyes” design.  k printed them up, delivered them, and on january 31, they went live for sale!

hot off the press.

hot off the press.

have i mentioned this design is for stranger factory yet?

have i mentioned this design is for stranger factory yet?



k used this original sketch of his from 2012 as direct inspiration for the shirt design.

it has been so exciting for k to work with the fine folks at stranger factory, and to be included in the circus posterus collective.  if you have yet to peruse their site or visit the physical gallery + store in albuquerque, please do so IMMEDIATELY.  we visit stranger factory at least monthly, and always leave with inspiration, a smile, and more often than not, a new purchase to add to our home collection of unique art.



bewitching III group art show at stranger factory.

i’m a little late on this post (what else is new?), but k and i wanted to share with everyone the exciting news that he has art hanging at the bewitching III group art exhibition, at the always fantastic stranger factory.  (if you are unfamiliar with stranger factory, it’s time you get acquainted very quickly.)


“the skull” by karl deuble. mixed media, 8″ x 10″.  $250


“the witch’s breath” by karl deuble. mixed media, 8″ x 10″.  $250


“the bat dance” by karl deuble. mixed media, 10″ x 8″.  $250

stranger factory puts on an annual halloween show showcasing local, national, and internationally recognized visual artists and designers.  several months ago, k was invited to participate in this always intoxicating and delightful group show.  since the initial invitation, i have watched him wrack his brain for ideas, then sketch, draw, print, and paint his way to the five pieces he submitted to the show.  each piece is very halloween and very karl deuble.

"The Sorcere's Gaze" by Karl Deuble. Five color print on StoneHinge, 9" x 14". 1 of 10 prints. $80 framed, $40 unframed.

“the sorcere’s gaze” by karl deuble. five color print on stonehinge, 9″ x 14″. 1 of 10 prints. $80 framed, $40 unframed.

"The Fat Head" by Karl Deuble.  Three color print on StoneHinge, 11" x 11". 1 of 10 prints. $70 framed, $35 unframed.

“the fat head” by karl deuble. three color print on stonehinge, 11″ x 11″. 1 of 10 prints. $70 framed, $35 unframed.

the show reception/opening was  friday, october 11th, and it was such a fun night.  i can’t express enough how proud i was to see k’s art hanging up among many other artists we both admire and appreciate (kathie olivas, brandt peters, mike egan, allison sommers, chris ryniak, amanda spayd, etc. etc. etc.)

the show runs until october 31st, so please head on over to stranger factory at 109 carlisle blvd ne albuquerque, nm 87106, or you can view all of the artist’s works at  the exhibition page here.