we love stranger factory.

sometime last year, k was asked to come up with a design for an exclusive stranger factory t-shirt.  he has been working with the good people at stranger factory for well over a year, printing various jobs for them, and as mentioned in this post, he was invited to participate in their annual halloween-themed art exhibition.

after coming up with several designs, the owners narrowed down their choice to the “stink eyes” design.  k printed them up, delivered them, and on january 31, they went live for sale!

hot off the press.

hot off the press.

have i mentioned this design is for stranger factory yet?

have i mentioned this design is for stranger factory yet?



k used this original sketch of his from 2012 as direct inspiration for the shirt design.

it has been so exciting for k to work with the fine folks at stranger factory, and to be included in the circus posterus collective.  if you have yet to peruse their site or visit the physical gallery + store in albuquerque, please do so IMMEDIATELY.  we visit stranger factory at least monthly, and always leave with inspiration, a smile, and more often than not, a new purchase to add to our home collection of unique art.



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