what we’re into wednesdays.

as noted in this entry, i wanted to start sharing some posts that highlight the various artists, musicians, movies, etc. that k and i enjoy. i just think it would be a good way to share some of the things that inspire us, while at the same time showcasing amazing people that really deserve the attention. for now, i’m going to call these posts “what we’re into wednesdays” as i plan to post them on wednesdays (get it?), but i reserve the right to call them something different if i can think of something cooler.

today what we’re into is travis bruce black and his art. it’s fitting that i talk about him today because this saturday, may 25th, he has an art show opening at the bright rain gallery in old town albuquerque. travis is a buddy of ours, and an incredibly talented artist.


“chirp 96 desert bird of paradise”
travis bruce black is well known for his beautuful “chirp” series.

k met travis while taking a lithography class at unm years ago. k and i are lucky enough to own several of travis’ pieces, including paintings and prints. as a christmas gift a few years ago, k commissioned travis to paint two large portraits of me and my late mom, and they remain some of my most treasured possessions. in fact, k loves his style of painting and drawing so much, he has asked travis to design a tattoo for him! (we’ll be sure to share pictures once it’s finished.)


“sleepy knight” – a new work by travis bruce black.
please excuse my terrible photography skills, they do not do this painting justice.

"anticipate" - a new work by travis bruce black.

“anticipate” – a new work by travis bruce black.

travis’ art is vibrant, whimsical, and beautiful. he also happens to to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

please do yourself a favor and go learn more about travis bruce black by checking out his website.



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