ANOTHER quick update for a monday evening.

labels for new cards + screenprinted ears for new "pillow dolls".  aka hand cramp inducing tasks in preparation for ace.

labels for new cards + screenprinted ears for new “pillow dolls”. aka, tiny hand-cramp inducing tasks of the past few days.

k and i must feed off of the stress of a deadline, because this last week we have ticked off more things on our to-do list than the month leading up to now.  and while i know i always think it would better to get things done in a more timely matter, the fact is that there’s nothing like a looming deadline to poke at that panic button located in my brain.

oh, but what an exciting deadline!  the albuquerque comic expo is THIS weekend, folks!  that means in three days (or is if four, since it’s monday?  i have never been ever to figure that out…), we will have our bobbi marbles table set up in the artist’s alley area of the albuquerque comic expo.  what up, table D8?!?!

along with all of our regular merch, we will have TWO new tank top designs, THREE new greeting card designs, a ton of new stickers, a very special new screenprinted and sewed item we are calling “pillow dolls”, and two brand new t-shirt designs.  it is possible that we might have a third design ready by friday, but that’s only if k decides he really doesn’t need any sleep this week, afterall. (did i ever mention k works full time, plays in two bands, does freelance design and printing work, and is required to spend at least a few hours a week with me and our two cats, ON TOP of all of his bobbi marbles work? he’s cray.)

i most definitely will be posting pictures of all of our new items very soon.  however, if you want to stay more up-to-date on the day-to-day of bm, please like us on facebook and follow us on instagram!




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